Congratulations! RPIC Won Another Gold Award For Industrial Design

Recently, RPIC was awarded the first prize for its self-developed large-diameter intelligent and green delivery system.

large-diameter intelligent and green delivery system.png

RPIC, adhering to the development policy Based on a high level of independence on science and technology, and seeking an upgrade in equipment systems and digital transformation, has continuously injected more efforts and attention into the high-quality technology outcome. In our accomplishment of the Rizhao Huaneng power plant pipe conveyor system project, we adopted the mentioned large-diameter intelligent and green system, which occupies the largest diameter in China’s pipe conveyor system currently. The system is also equipped with a series of intelligent auxiliaries like inspection robots, automatic deviation correction devices, and high-precision line scanning modules. The designed annual capacity of the Rizhao Huadian power plant is 5 million tons, with a length of 2420 meters.

It takes our R&D team one year to finish the bidding, routine design, and standard components determination work. To make sure the fabrication can be commenced as early as possible, the team members worked overtime to do the design, steel structure installation, and equipment check. Thanks to all their all-our efforts and arduous work, a new record, for the longest and heaviest truss in a single lifting, was made, which shortened the originally planned 20-day construction period to 7 days.

Highlights of the new design:

1. Firstly, calculate the tension and driving power, reasonably set the filling rate, calculate the conveying capacity, and then determine the actual pipe diameter. Based on theoretical calculations, select the tape and driving motor.

2. A turning radius of 600 meters was designed to ensure equipment reliability while reasonably addressing the spatial limitations of existing buildings and railways.

3. The length of the transition section between the head and tail was determined reasonably, and try to shorten its length as much as possible while meeting the stress requirements of the tape. Multiple measures have been taken to ensure operational reliability, including an anti-tearing buffer bed, explosion-proof pipe guide groove, safety partition that can be opened, double-sided PSK roller group arrangement, and brake configuration for the drum in the heavy hammer area. The head area of this project was originally a dual station train dumper room, which needs to be matched with existing facilities; RPIC has designed a six-claw curved chute to achieve a uniform material division of six.

intelligent and green delivery system1.png

intelligent and green delivery system.png