Steel Structure

The steel structure is the form of structure capable of bearing and transmitting loads made of steel plates and hot-drawn, cold-formed, or welded sections connected by connectors. Steel structure system has the comprehensive advantages of being lightweight, quick to install, short construction period, good seismic performance, fast investment recovery, less environmental pollution, etc. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, it has the unique advantages of developing in three aspects of "high, big, and light", and steel structure has been reasonably and widely applied in the field of construction engineering in the whole world, especially in the developed countries and regions.


Specific advantages of structural steel products are as follows:

a.High material strength and low self-weight.

b.The toughness and plasticity of steel are good, the material is uniform, and the structural reliability is high.

c.High degree of mechanization of manufacturing and erection of steel structures.

d.Good sealing performance.

e.Low-carbon, energy-saving, green, reusable.


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