RPIC makes new achievement on the portal crane

Shandong Port Equipment Group launched the shipping ceremony for four portal cranes which was for Fuzhou Port,on July 21,at its Qingdao base.Consisting of three types of 25T,40T and 45T,the cranes were independently designed and manufactured by the company.To meet the schedule,the team has overcome a combination of severe challenges like the pandemic,supply chain disruption and climate through various approaches like applying Teambition platform,adopting vision-able and informational management in its design and manufacturing process.

portal crane.jpg

The company is committed to the design, development,manufacture, installation and maintenance of container cranes and gantry cranes. Over the years, relying on the port, we have accumulated rich experience in crane manufacturing, installation,operation and Through close cooperation with first-class port machinery design institutes and universities in Beijing.Shanghai, and Wuhan,and taking advantages of being both a manufacturer and a user; SPEG has achieved reliable and practical effect on the port machinery design and manufacture.

At present,we have the following types of cranes

1.Quayside container crane

portal crane1.jpg

The independently developed quayside container crane with super large lifting capacity (8qt), super long forward extension (7qm) and super high lifting height (52m) in the world leading us the second port machinery manufacturer in the world that can develop and produce this type of crane. It has 24 sets of quay cranes with lifting capacity of less than or equal to 70 meters, lifting height of 52 meters or less, automatic control and conventional control.

2.Rail -mounted container gantry crane

portal crane2.jpg

With 41 tons or less of automatic control, conventional control track crane performance of more than 70.This series of cranes have reliable wire rope winding system, various trolley running and driving systems, reliable spreader anti rolling system, and can realize remote/automatic cooperation.

3.Rubber-tyred container gantry crane

portal crane3.jpg

41T and below automatic control and routine control cranes havebeen manufactured for more than 130 sets.

Product advantages: a variety of power supply systems, trolley driving systems, spreader anti rlling systems, spreader correction systems, can achieve remote and automatic operation.

4.Port gantry crane(10-40 tons and above)

portal crane4.jpg

More than 200 sets of full range of Port Gantry Crane with 40 tons and less.

Product advantages: it can withstand severe working conditions and high utilization of equipment, and has a proprietary processing technology of up and down flannel surface of slewing bearing.