SPD Steel Rollers

Today’s material handling applications rely on conveyor idlers as a critical factor in protecting and extending the wear life of the conveyor belt asset.  SPD-Steel Rollers and conveyor hardware componentry maintain the highest standards of engineering design and manufacture.

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Steel Rollers.png

Standard carbon steel roller shells can be supplied with rubber-lagged or stainless-steel shells.  Roller types include our innovative whole-piece rubber disc return and impact rollers, with diameters from 63mm to 219mm.  Concentricity is ≤± 0.5mm. Higher grades are available.

Reliability, belt damage reduction, lower noise, and energy efficiency are some of the key product deliverables of RPIC’s conveyor roller range.

RPIC’s comprehensive range of steel rollers and idler assemblies covers all belt widths and design configurations.

Key Features:

Total Indicator Run Out ≤ 0.5mm.

Tighter specifications for high-speed and weigh applications available.

The shell end disc is pressed from high-quality structural steel.

The weld between the shell and end disc is located internally within the shell face to ensure belt protection.

Full test certification is available on request

All rollers are fully painted, and part numbered.  SPD-Steel Rollers have a visible brand SPD imprint for improved future traceability, as well as acting as a symbol of quality.

The effectiveness of SPD-Steel Roller multi-labyrinth nylon low drag sealing system provides an effective barrier to the environmental challenges of dust, dirt, water, low and high temperatures, or applications where there is a large temperature gap between day and night.

SPD-Steel Rollers are fitted with high-quality ZZ single-row deep groove sealed bearings filled with lithium-based grease.  The deep groove ball bearings range from 6204 to 6310.

SPD-Rubber Lagged Steel Trough/Return Rollers

Many conveyed materials can adhere to the underside of the conveyor belt which results in carryback build-up on the roller shell causing belt tracking problems on the conveyor.

Our standard range of stock rubber is 6mm or customized, 60 Durometer (Shore A), covered trough and return rollers can help prevent this.

In addition to build-up, shell wear would be improved as well as reduced noise level and belt slippage.

As well as reducing carryback build-up on roller shells, it’s recommended that rubber-covered rollers be installed on both trough and return belt tracking devices to increase the tracking response and life of the rollers.