How to maintain the belt conveyor

In the process of using the belt machine, the machine is easily worn tear, and damaged, which requires us to maintain the belt machine, so as to make the belt machine to keep it in the best condition, better service for us!

belt conveyor.png

The following is the maintenance method for the belt conveyor:

1. Regularly inspect the pulleys and belts of the belt conveyor. Make sure they are not worn or cracked and replace them if needed. If the surface of the pulleys is worn, it will affect the operation of the belt, so keep the pulleys clean and smooth. Bearings and shafts should be in good condition, and free of noises and snags.

2. Pay attention to the tension of the belt. A belt that is too loose or too tight will affect its life and efficiency. Regularly check and adjust the tension of the belt to ensure its proper operation.

3. Lubricate the belt conveyor regularly. This helps to reduce wear and tear, improve efficiency, and extend service life. Choose the right lubricant and add it at the correct frequency.

4. The relationship between the diameter of the drive pulley of the belt conveyor and the fabric layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the drive pulley and the reversing pulley, as well as the requirements for the angle of the groove of the rollers should be reasonably selected in accordance with the design provisions of the conveyor.

Belt conveyor maintenance needs to be done with care in order to keep your belt conveyor in good working condition, saving you time and energy!