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Ship transportation news of Rizhao Port

Rizhao Port Shipbuilding & Machinery Industry Co., Ltd (RPIC) is a large comprehensive state-owned enterprise combining industrial products research and manufacture, steel structure and equipment producing, general contracting service for industrial system and ships & equipment building and maintenance. The main business scope of RPIC covers port, marine equipment, mining, electric power, cement, paper making and other industries.

1:Huaneng Power Plant Pipe Belt Conveyor EPC Project

On January 5th, the truss with the largest span and the heaviest weight of the pipe conveyor EPC project of Huaneng Power Plant was successfully installed in place.  The truss section is 90 meters long and weighs 247 tons, setting the record of the longest and heaviest steel structure truss ever lifted in a single lift since the establishment of ship Machinery Company.  Before that, the project builders finished the processing, transportation and ground assembly of components with high quality. Due to full preparation, the whole hoisting process only took less than an hour. The project builders carried forward the spirit of iron army, braved the snow and snow, and successfully completed the construction task, which provided a strong guarantee for the whole line test of the follow-up project.  

Belt Conveyor EPC Project.jpg

2:The first automatic system "shifting bulk shipping into container shipping"

On December 30 last year, the nation’s first "shifting bulk shipping into container shipping" fully automated system was launched in Rizhao Port, which is a new exploration and breakthrough of SPG in building an international advanced intelligent green port. According to port officials, the system mainly includes five automatic modules - truck unloading, cargo stacking, cargo recycling, container packing and horizontal transportation.

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3: On December 26, "Tiankun" repaired by Rizhao Port Shipbuilding & Machinery Industry Company of the equipment group ended the dock repair task and returned smoothly. With a length of 140 meters, a width of 27.8 meters, a maximum excavation depth of 35 meters, a total installed power of 25843 kW, and a designed dredging capacity of 6000 cubic meters per hour, it has the strength to fill a "Water Cube" in six days. It is the largest and most advanced cutter suction dredger in Asia independently designed and built by China.

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