Pipe Conveyors - closed transportation for bulk materials

A Pipe/Tube Conveyor is a belt conveyor which is formed into a pipe shape to protect the material conveyed from the environment - and obviously also to protect the environment from the material conveyed. 

Tight turns, steep inclines and long distance - pipe conveyors transport bulk material across challenging terrain. A pipe conveyor is actually a conveyor belt shaped into a tube, the closing of the belt helps to reduce contamination and spillage: protecting bulk materials from the sun, rain and wind - and protecting the environment at the same time. This is important when transporting sensitive materials, such as waste products for instance, close to or even through public areas. There are no unpleasant smells, no material loss, and equally as important, there are no adverse effects to the surrounding environment.

The flexible belts need less space, fewer transfer towers, and as a result help to save money. The possibility of moving different goods on the upper and lower runs is the reason pipe conveyors are also known as the “almost anything conveyors”. The belts themselves are of extremely high quality and are conspicuously durable, which should come as no surprise, since they are manufactured especially for our pipe conveyors.


Ideal for long distances

Long centre distances

Great flexibility

High-temperature bulk goods can be transported

Highly economical with low investment costs

Low-wear construction with a lengthy service life even with highly abrasive materials

RPIC pipe conveyor EPC projects

Lanshan Port South Area Pipe Belt Conveyor Project , contract amount around 140 million RMB. 

Two pipe belt conveyors, total length 6.7 km, diameter φ500mm, belt width 1900mm, strength ST2500, belt speed 5.15m/s, rated capacity 5500t/h, is Asia's largest comprehensive transport of belt conveyor system.



Rizhao Power Plant coal transport channel coal transport equipment EPC project, contract amount around 76 million RMB.

 A pipe belt conveyor with a pipe diameter of 600mm and belt speed of V=5.0m/s, with a designed capacity of 3000T/H and a length of about 2.5km, is designed to transport coal from the storage yard in the south area of Shigu Port area to the dump room in the yard of Rizhao Power Plant. Along the line, it needs to cross port production road, urban flood discharge channel, coastal road, etc. The head unloading area involves the transformation of the former dump room.