Shandong Port Equipment Group Secures New Year's First '100 Million Yuan' Project with Hainan Circular Yard Conveyor System

Recently, Shandong Port equipment Group Rizhao Port Shipbuilding&Machinery Industry undertake Hainan circular yard supporting belt conveyor system project , as the New Year's first "100 million yuan single" project, It is based on the advantages of the port, actively participate in market competition, and achieve fruitful results

belt conveyor system.png

The project involves the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the feeding belt conveyor, automatic chip stacker-reclaimer, metering screw conveyor and wood chip discharge belt conveyor of the circular yard, marking the company's new development and manufacturing in the new process and technology of energy saving, environmental protection, green and low carbon. In the process of project bidding, the company's marketing team adhere to the market-oriented, customer needs as the starting point and foothold, with industrial product research and development and manufacturing and steel structure and equipment manufacturing excellent technical strength, to develop professional, reliable and stable solutions to solve the difficult problems in customer demand, win customer trust. In the next step, Shandong Port Equipment Group will continue to explore business extension, increase market development efforts, seize development opportunities, and continue to provide customers with better products and services by constantly improving their competitiveness and development strength, laying a solid foundation for "building core competitive advantages" and achieving high-quality development.