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Party History Study 

Touching the power of Hill Harbour inspired by party history learning and education

"This is the birthplace of the 'Lian Steel Innovation Team' and the spirit of craftsmanship has taken root, shone, been passed on and carried forward in this hotbed."

"Party building leads and port development are well integrated and worth learning from."

Quay rainbow lying on the waves, the harbor sail boom, to participate in the second tour of the provincial party committee guiding group of each guiding unit party history learning and education work promotion meeting, into the Shandong port site observation and research, close to feel the surging power of Shandong port in the party history learning and education inspired, and on-site exchange of party history learning and education work experience and insights.

Learn party history, understand the idea, do practical work, open a new situation. Since the party history learning and education, Shandong Province Port Group Party Committee to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the provincial party committee deployment, based on "I do practical work for the masses" practice and "comprehensive work to improve" two major focus points, adhere to the " True heart, real money, real measures, real effect" principle, the learning results into the actual action to accelerate the construction of world-class marine ports, won the wide recognition of all walks of life.

The provincial party committee's second touring steering group chose to hold this promotion meeting in Shandong port, aiming to promote the relevant units to further exchange experience in party history learning and education through on-site observation and research of Shandong port's experience and practice of party history learning and education, further improve the political standing, gather ideological consensus, focus on learning and implementing the spirit of the plenary session, deepen and expand party history learning and education, and achieve learning party history, understanding ideas, practical work, and open a new bureau. The provincial party committee party history study and education of all members of the second tour steering group, each guidance unit party history study and education leading group office director and relevant responsible comrades to participate in the meeting.

We workers have the power to do good practical things to warm the hearts of people

In the pavilion of the national advanced grass-roots party organization, the "model of the times" "Lian Steel Innovation Team", the workers on the spot made a wonderful display of their skills and high spirits, which won everyone's warm applause.

Inside the pavilion, the pictures and images of Shandong Port's exemplary workers and their hard work, as well as the Party building brand matrix with the grassroots Party building brand as the radiation, once again attracted everyone's attention. From Xu Zhenchao, the excellent representative of "Craftsmanship", to the "Model of the Times" and "Lian Gang Innovation Team", from the "Gold Medal Worker From the "Gold Medal Worker" to the "Gold Medal Team", Shandong port terminal workers feel the Party's benevolence and repay the Party's benevolence, and their high morale of "doing first-class work and striving to be the first" makes everyone praise them frequently. "The deep-seated reason why Shandong ports are full of talents lies in the leadership of the 'red spirit', and it is remarkable that port workers use their labour to hold up the Chinese dream! We salute the hard-working workers from the bottom of our hearts!" This is what the comrades from Qingdao University of Science and Technology said.

In the "I do practical things for the masses" exhibition area, the experience and practice of Shandong port "I do practical things for the masses" activities vividly illustrated what is "all for the workers, all relying on the workers". ", let everyone deeply feel the true feelings of Shandong Port to the masses, to the workers, warmed the hearts of everyone on the scene. "Sincerity, real money, real measures, real effects, the key in a 'real' word!" "Think real, do real, every worker's small home is warm, the port family can be warm on top of warm!" Comrades from Qingdao Agricultural University exclaimed.

A hundred years of port, struggle is in the genes of the blood

 "The mutual dependence and true love between the port and the workers is touching, and the red bloodline and genes behind this is worth remembering." At the Shandong Port Pavilion, we followed the historical lineage of "where I came from, where I am now and where I am going", and got a closer look at the glory of Shandong's ports, which have risen up through struggle under the leadership of the Party, and felt proud of the success of the world's largest port cluster.

"For more than 100 years, dock workers have always tied their fate to that of the port and the country, and this spirit, passed down and carried forward from generation to generation, is the source of the ambition and backbone of Shandong ports' struggle to rise." So said the comrades from Qingdao University.

Caring, attentive, attentive, attentive, attentive Party history learning and education go deep and practical

On the 38th floor of Shandong Port Building, more than 600 boxes of Party history learning and education files from Shandong Port Headquarters, 4 port groups and 12 sector groups are neatly arranged in a system and scale. After going through the solid Party history learning and education archives of Shandong Port, the steering group affirmed the experience and practice of Party history learning and education of Shandong Port, and the comrades attending the meeting also gave high praise.

"The materials are detailed, rich in carriers and diversified in learning forms, the workers learn very solidly in this way and can surely benefit from the Party history learning and education." Comrades from Shandong University of Science and Technology commented.

"Shandong Port is concerned, attentive, attentive and attentive, and the key to promoting party history learning and education in a deep and practical way is here." Comrades from Qingdao University of Technology said this.

At the end of the half-day observation, we were impressed and impressed, and expressed our desire to strengthen learning and exchange in the future and promote the party history learning and education to go deep and practical in the discussion and exchange held afterwards. Under the bright red party banner and the drums of progress, we are working together to set off a wave of party history learning and education, and move towards a new tomorrow!

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