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Successful cases of steel structure - RPIC

Shandong Port Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is a first-class subsidiary of Shandong Port Group Co., Ltd, the world’s largest port group, consisting of seven subsidiaries in three bases. RPIC is its international equipment brand, taking the responsibility for the overseas market expanding and business development. Specializing in bulk material transportation, large equipment and machining manufacturing and international import and export trade, our business scope covers port, mining, electric power, metallurgy and other industries. The products developed by the company, such as quayside container crane, automatic stacker, tire gantry crane, rail gantry crane, ship loader, stacker, reclaimer, ship repair crane, a full range of grab, roll on hydraulic bridge, belt idler and so on, are all over major ports in China, and have been exported to Europe, Australia, America and Southeast Asia as internationally renowned.

80t-70m Quayside Container Crane

The independently developed quayside container bridge crane with super large lifting (8qt), super long forward extension (7qm) and super high lifting height (52m)in the world leading us the second port machinery manufacturer in the world that can develop and produce this type of crane.It has 24 sets of quay cranes with lifting capacity of less than or equal to 70 meters,lifting height of 52 meters or less, automatic control and conventional control.

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East-to-south Coal Transfer

This project, a key project in Rizhao City, consists of four belt conveyors with a total length of 2.8km, which undertakes the tasks of coal loading and material transportation at the coal wharf 1#, 2#, 3# yard in the south district.

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59m Multipurpose Vessel

Overall length is 59.25m, total power of 7004HP

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Hyundai VIA Automobile Engine Plant

The construction area of the project is 21,161.38 square meter, partially a two-story office building, 161 meters long, 141 meters wide, 10.6 meters high cornice, steel truss structure, with a total construction period of 145 days.