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Specification of Conveyor drive pulley

Conveyor  pulley can be divided into drive pulley (head pulley) and turn around pulley (tail pulley), drive pulley is the main part for transmitting the power : smooth surface and rubber surface, and rubber surface can be classified into smooth rubber surface, herringbone rubber surface and diamond rubber surface to meet different technical requirements. Averting pulley can be classified into smooth rubber surface and smooth steel surface.


According to the structure style, the two type pulley can be divided into three light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

All the pulley adopt integrated bearing housing which is lubricated and filled with grease and has two kinds: iron casting and steel casting, the shaft is made of 45#steel, the shell adopt weld assembly.

The basic information about the drive pulley

Drive pulley
SurfaceSmooth, Diamond Grooved Lagging, Herringbone Lagging
Balance TreatmentDynamic  Equilibrium and  Static  Equilibrium
WeldingSubmerged  Arc Welding
Pulley Lagging TypeHeat/Thermal Vulcanized Rubber Casting, Rubber Lag
Bearing TypeSelf-Aligning Ball Bearings
StructureTube, Shaft, Self-Aligning Bearing, Bearing Seat


Advantage of Drive Pulley

* Drive pulley is the main component of the belt conveyor transmission power, its way to drive the belt conveyor is with single pulley, double-pulley and multi-pulley.

* Pulley operation is stable, with reliable quality, maintenance-free.

* The design of pulley should fully consider the force condition at all points.

* Pulley structure should be in accordance with the force to use different structural design and manufacturing.

Advantage of Bend Pulley

* Bend pulley is mainly used to change the direction of the conveyor belt or to press the conveyor belt to increase the angle with the drive pulley.

* Bend pulley is equipped with a compact structure, light weight, low occupancy, reliable performance, beautiful appearance with safe and convenient use.

* It can still work properly in large dust, wet mud and other harsh conditions.