RPIC new belt conveyor project sees successful completion in Xinjiang

At Guangxi Fangchenggang Steel Base 101# ore berth belt conveyor project site, more than technicians are busy with the installation and commissioning tasks. Construction and belt machine installation of 101 and A201 extension steel structure were successfully completed.


The project,constructed by RPIC, consists of three belt conveyors with a total length of 2.6 km and played an significant role in receiving and unloading raw materials from Fangchenggang Steel Base. Among them, two belts, A101 and A102, have been put into operation in January 2021.


To enhance the capacity of berth 101#, the owner oriented to extend the original two belts of A101 and A102 by 380m each in 2022, and to upgrade the A201 belt drive section also. RPIC,bearing the client’s expectation,has been striving to make further splendid achievement.