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Pipe Belt Conveyor Project of Huaneng Rizhao Power Plant

RPIC is the leading provider of belt conveyor systems in China. We offer heavy-duty belt conveyors for a wide range of handling applications.

This pipe belt conveyor project is constructed for coal material handling of Power Plant and contracted by RPIC company, 

A 600mm pipe belt conveyor with speed V = 5.0 m/s and a single length of about 2.5 km. Conveying coal to Huaneng power plant, designed to transport 3000T/h, the project is currently the largest diameter pipe belt conveyor of China, mainly conveying materials for coal.

Huaneng Rizhao Power Plant is located in Rizhao Economic Development Zone, Shandong province, with a total installed capacity of 2060MW. According to the Rizhao plan and the city government document request, Rizhao port realizes by 2020“The east coal moves south”, “The south disperses the north to gather” the layout, Rizhao power plant is required to cooperate with the construction of the Qingrilian railway to dismantle the power plant industrial railway. All coal from the railway comes from the south side of the power plant to the central South Railway. Because of the railway demolition, the coal transport channel is single, the production pressure is big, the coal purchase cost rises, urgently needs to perfect the electric coal transportation, the storage plan. At present, all coal is transported by automobile from wharf yard to power plant, which causes the loss of coal leakage and environmental pollution, and increases the cost of fuel purchase. At the same time, according to the country’s latest policy, the proportion of steam coal in coal transport will continue to decrease, Shandong port will also prohibit diesel truck transport to collect and disperse port coal.

This project will construct a special coal transportation channel from the coal storage yard of Shijiu port area in Rizhao port area to Huaneng Rizhao power plant. It is proposed to hire the 1 # storage yard behind Berth No. 18-# 20 in the south area of Rizhao port, use its reclaimer to carry out reclamation operation, and set up an interface (DT1 transfer machine room) in its loading and unloading process system, through the belt conveyor system into the Rizhao power plant phase I car dumper room. The total length of the coal conveying passage is about 2420 meters, and the rated conveying capacity is 3000t/h. C 1 belt conveyor nominal diameter 600, belt speed 5m/s, belt width 2250mm.

Our company has completed the production of all trusses and idlers, and currently it is under the installation stage of the trusses. It is expected to complete no-load and heavy-load commissioning in early 2022.

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