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Fire retardant polyisocyanurate insulated panel

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Fire retardant polyisocyanurate insulated panel

The PIR panel has been designed for high thermal performance. This rigid polyisocyanurate foam core panel can be used to good effect in applications requiring a high thermal resistance like warehouse,cold room,pharmaceutical factories,logistic industry,high-tech workshop and so on.

RPIC covers a full spectrum of the panels including wall panel,roof panel,cold room panel with different thickness from 40mm-200mm.

It’s easy and fast to install and is available in a variety of products and applications with a range of colors and profiles.The panel can be installed both vertically and horizontally,reaching the high density of 40 kg/m3 in total.The technical parameters and properties of the panels are presented in the following table.

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The key benefit of using PIR panel is its thermal performance, making it a suitable solution for insulated roofing, storage and warehousing,especially the industries of store houses and logistic centers,commercial buildings and offices,food industry facilities,agricultural objects and sport halls.

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We have a exclusive design and installation team to provide further technical and implement support for you.From a very basic floor plan, our design and drafting team would create comprehensive architectural drawings / CAD files for an entire building which is supplemented by detailed sections and components, tailored to specialist function and performance requirements .As your demand, the installation would backup at project site,or if not available,do on-line virtual installation guidance.Different panels owns the individual brochure to display the details to guarantee the perfect outcome.