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AIGT successfully established


Rizhao Port Shipbuilding & Machinery Industry Co., Ltd (RPIC), the world's largest port group's overseas equipment and engineering project brand.

AIGT (AI Guided Transporter), developed by Shandong Port Equipment Group together with Shanghai Xijing Technology, is innovatively built for Qingdao Port Automated Terminal Air-Track Project, integrating new intelligent navigation and positioning , artificial intelligence, visual recognition, self-learning and other sophisticated technologies. The transport vehicle is composed of six systems including frame assembly, cabinet assembly, chassis assembly, electrical assembly, power system, exterior assembly,achieving a rated load of 65t, the maximum speed of 35.6km /h and dead weight of 20 tons, powered by full lithium battery, and the positioning accuracy reached ±30 mm.


The success of AIGT has helped to build up the track crane automation, horizontal transport unmanned, bridge crane remote control traditional container terminal the whole process automation upgrade "Shandong port equipment" solution. Shandong Port Equipment Group is committed to the traditional container terminal high-end upgrades, greening, and intelligent development, continuously to create more value for users.

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