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"2021 new kinetic energy · Qingdao exhibition fair"

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From July 15 to 17, "2021 new kinetic energy · Qingdao exhibition fair" was held in the International Exhibition Center of Qingdao China Railway World Expo City. Shandong Port Equipment Group shows the new generation of "intelligent Ark" series unmanned container transport vehicle (AIGT) developed by "Shandong Port  equipment", the world's largest and world's leading remote operation semi-automatic double lifting container quayside bridge, full-automatic Container Stacker,Pipe belt conveyor with the largest comprehensive transportation volume in Asia, the world's largest container crane with the world's leading remote operation and semi-automatic double lifting container quayside bridge Six intelligent innovative products integrating new technology and cultivating new kinetic energy, such as China's leading multi-functional new marine ranching platform and China's leading forward dust-free sweeper, have attracted wide attention.

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SPG, currently the world's largest port operator, has been focusing on building a world-leading smart and green port since its establishment in 2019.

By far, the group has achieved several breakthroughs in the automation of port equipment, including container quay cranes, ore ship unloaders, and stacker-reclaimers.

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